Have you needed to add your logo to some new marketing but all you have is that tiny, pixelated image in your email signature?

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Fix My Logo

You've thought to yourself  "I can use that one surely? It's not that bad, I can't find anything better. I don't even remember who created it. No one will notice the difference."

But when you try to use that low res, blurred version - or worse, a scanned, cut and pasted, stretched copy, suddenly your business looks amateurish, careless and cheap, rather than the professional outfit you really are.

So what happens when you try to get shirts printed, car graphics applied or signage installed?

In many cases, embroiderers, sign writers and printers can't (or won't) use bad quality bitmaps (png or jpg), leaving your marketing and branding efforts dead in its tracks.

But we can fix all that!

So what is a logo repair?

logo repair  is the process where we redraw your logo as a vector graphic. That means, you can scale your logo to any size and it won't lose its crisp, clear quality look.

We remove unwanted background boxes. We make the colours brighter. The lines are sharper and the overall look is crisper so you can confidently use your logo everywhere.

Have you made changes to your business name? Want to change the colours? No problem. We recreate and update your logo and make it POP!

We supply the final artwork in high quality file formats for all online and offline/print uses.

Vector formats include: .eps and pdf.
Bitmap formats include: .png and .jpg

Never worry about poor logo quality again.

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Logo revamps and vectorisation

Once it's been converted into a vector graphic, you can use your logo for:

Clean up your logo for a better quality finish

We will provide your new logo in jpg, png, eps and pdf file formats – ready for any online and offline use.

Just email your logo to us and we’ll help make marketing your brand so much easier and less stressful with a logo repair.

*Please note: For ALL logo repair work, we, as the designer, assume you have full permission to make changes, additions or repairs to a logo you have supplied.
It is the responsibility of you, the client to ensure all permissions have been given to making any changes to a logo or brand identity prior to engaging our services.
We will not be held liable for any Trademark or IP infringements which derives from this transaction.

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