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Your Local Graphic Designer Perth

Founded in April 30 2008.

"Kristy’s creative ideas, attentive listening skills and her ability to be able to interpret what I desired, have led to a bold new image for the branding of my company, which I am immensely pleased with."

Nicholas Cooper
Invicta Group

"Kristy will liaise constantly with you and deliver what you want, not what others think you want."

Gary Pontifex

"If you seek the services of a person who can create an image, presentation or complete company marketing package from scratch, do not go past Ladybird Design Print & Media."

Stuart Redmond
Inspired Insurance

"Kristy is a sensational service provider who is on top of each project every step of the way. She really listens to what her clients want and treats every job with the same high degree of excellence and commitment.”

Andy Fraser

Ladybird Design Graphic Design Perth Joondalup

Graphic Design that communicates your message

Hello there, I'm Kristy Fenn. I'm a Perth based Graphic Designer and owner of Ladybird Design Print & Marketing.

My team and I specialise in print marketing and logo identity design for commercial, industrial and professional sectors.

We work with Industry Professionals in sectors such as Mining, Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, Health & Education.

These are growing organisations, with the need to build their professional image and improve how they communicate their message to clients, customers, team members and stake holders.

This can range from brand identity, marketing and advertising through to in-house communications and publications.

I just love what I do - solving problems by providing creative and effective visual solutions to help businesses prosper. Sometimes, it's to provide you with clearer and more efficient in-house communication. Or it can be marketing material designed to attract your ideal customers and kill the competition.

When you work with me, you always know what's going on. I keep you up to date with the progress of a project. When we commit to a deadline, we stick to it and I will always seek out the the best options for any printing we provide.

Honesty, integrity, reliability, trustworthy, business savy and just easy and fun to work with....that's me!

How The Story Begins (if you really want to know)

I've always loved print!

As a 10 year old, I designed our 'local' ( family and friends only) newspaper that my Dad printed on his work photocopier. Good ol' Dad.

In high school, I spent more time designing the layouts, covers and artwork for my assignments than actually researching the subject matter! As my grades tended to show!

By the time I had left high school, I'd moved on to making my own birthday cards, invites, calendars and even our engagement and wedding invitations.

And yet for the first 20 years of my working life I worked in retail, starting out as a sales assistant, progressively moving into management and part owner of two Perth metro Newsagencies.

It was a career I loved. Retail was a fantastic platform for growth. Customer service, marketing, purchasing, budgeting, profit analyis, centre management negotiations.

When I 'retired' from retail, I had two multi award winning newsagencies under my belt and was juggling 12 staff, 7 days a week.

Where The Frustration Began.

When I began managing my first newsagency, I contacted a local print shop to help design and print our marketing. I found it a very slow, awkward process that lacked communciation. There was no inspiration or leadership offered by their in-house designers so I was researching marketing messages, paper stocks and campaign timings 100% myself. It was time consuming.

We started with simple newsletters and local newspaper ads. As my skill set grew, we moved into joint venture marketing campaigns with suppliers, fellow retailers, local restaurants and local sport clubs. There was a huge opportunity to grow our business with print marketing. Although these campaigns were fun to create and had some solid levels of success for all involved, it was taking me away from running my businesses.

I was supposed to be a newsagent, not a graphic designer.

The Lightbulb Moment!

In January 2008, after lengthy thought and discussion with those closest to me, I started attending night school in West Perth, studying Graphic Design (Pre-press print design). Later, in May the same year, I registered Ladybird Design Print & Media. And by June 2008, the newsagencies were sold. I was able to concentrate on my studies fully and get this new venture off and running.

Now we fast forward 15 years. My business, Ladybird Design, has helped many businesses across a variety of industries to create effective print marketing material and brand identities. Coming from a customer service/sales background, I understand the importance of making every marketing dollar work for your business.

Our Strengths.

I combine my strengths in communciation skills, small business management and marketing to provide a particular service to business owners. "Effective business marketing and branding without the BIG marketing agency price-tag."

And whilst digital marketing dominates the marketing dollar, the tangible nature, longevity and trust of print, outperforms digital everytime.

I have a small team who work with me if/when the project calls for it, but I personally oversee every single aspect of work and communciation between Ladybird Design and our clients.

It's time to get serious about your marketing. We're your print marketing design specialists without the huge agency fees.

Ladybird Design Print & Marketing work with businesses, just like yours, to create awareness and generate more sales with smart print marketing strategies, driving customers to your website, shopfront or office.

With everyone scrambling to be everywhere online, we noticed a huge opportunity to help businesses get noticed, remembered and trusted with the power of print.

Consumers are educated, in control and question everything. Your marketing needs to engage them, create and build credibility & trust and clearly communicate that you can solve their problem before they even call you.

We create print marketing to help you:

  • Attract your ideal customers and kill the competiton
  • Effectively showcase your products and services
  • Build credibility, trust and goodwill
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Help generate more leads
  • Help convert leads to sales
  • Grow your business
  • Unify employees
  • Provide better communication in-house


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