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Lightweight, versatile and CHEAP! - corflute signs, banners, posters, roster signs and A-frames

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Corflute signs are cheap, waterproof, lightweight and great for just about any situation

corflute sign perth joondalup realestate
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Need one or 10 or 200? A4 or maybe 2 meters long? We'll quote the size YOU need and the quantity YOU require.

Q. Can I use Corflute signs outside?

A.  Corflute signs are waterproof and the UV resistant inks adhere to the material perfectly, giving you an inexpensive, lightweight, medium term, outdoor marketing option.


Q. How long do corflutes last?

A. This depends on a few factors but basically, if your corflute is out in the Aussie elements 24/7, expect your corflute to last anywhere from 3 - 6 months. If used seasonally, we've seen signs last a few years. This is especially true for "Home Open" or "Roster" signs.

Inside use, they'll go on for years! Just don't forget to give them the occasional dust over as the polypropylene does attract dust particules.

To quote, all we need are your dimensions and quantity required. Let us know where you'll be using them and for how long so we can ensure corflutes are the right solution for you.

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