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Brochure Designer – Creating A Call To Action!

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Never underestimate the power of professional brochure design (or brochure designer).

A brochure is often the most powerful piece of marketing collateral your business will ever have. A brochure designer is a graphic designer who understands how to layout your message in an effective and persuasive fashion.

When professionally designed and printed, your brochure can make you stand out and get noticed over your competition.

Design gets them to look and Content gets them to ACT.

What do you want your audience to do next? They have been informed, educated & enticed, so now what? To visit your office? Call or send an email? Go online? Make a purchase? Without a clear “Call To Action”, even the best looking brochure can fail to achieve its goal.

Keep it simple: Make sure your CTA is clear, strong and is a specific instruction. One instruction, one action. Have too much choice and your reader can lose interest or end up confused. “Call Us Now”, “Go Online” – Something direct & unmistakable to create a sense of urgency so they will want to “ACT NOW”.

What Are You Offering?

Do you have a compelling offer? What is the benefit to the reader? Think as a potential client/customer – “What’s in it for ME?” Show your audience how they’ll benefit from taking action – solve a problem, discount on a purchase, a sample, limited or exclusive information.

Make them say YES!: Use affirmative language in your content that will make they feel positive, empowered and confident to proceed with the Call To Action.

A well orchestrated brochure takes time to create. There are many elements and steps involved in creating an effective brochure. Never create a brochure in a hurry. In fact, avoid rushing altogether when it comes to any form of marketing.

Do your research, find out what you want to achieve & what your potential clients want. Only then, will your marketing really have a chance to work its socks off for you.

Find a Brochure Designer

And finally, use a brochure designer who can work with a commercial printer to produce a piece that doesn’t just look good but feels like the professional business you want to be known as. We work with various industries to craft a marketing piece to achieve your goals!

Check out some of our work.

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