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Brochures, Flyers, Leaflets, Menus, Catalogues - Perth

An eye-catching, well designed piece with a clear call to action will engage your customer like no other marketing strategy can. The physicality of print means it will leave a longer lasting impact on your audience than digital will.

Print Marketing Helps Drive Quality Leads to Your Business.

It's easy to unsubscribe, 'trash' an email or ignore the ads online. But print is noticed, retained, shared and remembered more often than any other form of marketing.

Print is tangible and conveys a sense of trust and credibility that online just can't match.

Brochures, Flyers and Leaflets

Effective marketing tools, brochures, flyers and leaflets are designed to direct customers to your products or services by 'getting in their hands'. It's a platform that demands attention.

  1. Begin with a powerful headline to catch their eye.
  2. Use high quality graphics to visually convey your message.
  3. Focus on the benefits. What's in it for them?
  4. Make it easy for them to act. Help them to take the next step with a clear “Call to Action”.

We provide a full service from creating your 'results driven' marketing content, to printing and delivering to your door.


The number one marketing tool for anyone in the hospitality industry is the mighty menu. Whether you're dining at a cafe, restaurant or pub, or you're doing take-away/home delivery, the pulling power of the venue's menu cannot be ignored.

Great imagery, tantalising descriptions, guiding the customer through your offerings. The menu can help increase your sales with the right planning, wording, branding, layout and presentation.

If you offer takeaway or home delivery, these menus have legs! They travel far and wide, being shared, kept, written on and stuck on the fridge door so capitalise on that exposure. Don't cut corners, make your menus exciting, enticing and worth taking.


Simply put, a catalogue is a list of......yeah ok, as soon as I say list, it sounds booooring. But catalogues don't need to be boring.

As I was saying, a catalogue is a list of products with descriptions and sometimes pricing. They should be informative, helpful, easy to understand and navigate through but there's no reason for them to be boring. You're wanting people to buy right? So make your catalogues interesting, engaging and inviting.



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