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Carbonless Books

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The humble carbonless book has been a common sight on the dashboards and car seats of company sales reps, tradies and couriers for decades. They have stood the test of time, and technology, proving  there's a lot to be said for the "power of print!"

From plumbers to electricians, sales reps to couriers, the carbonless book/pad plays an effective role in your business sale and marketing efforts. Yes, these books can do more than just offer a quote or demand payment.

Carbonless books can be personalised with your logo, branding and terms & conditions to create a consistent, professional look and feel across all touch points of your business.

Carbonless books are made with carbonless copy paper (CCP). Known in the print industry as NCR books/pads, (No Carbon Required) the initials are taken from its creator, National Cash Register.

Instead of using the messy blue carbon paper between sheets of paper to produce duplicate or triplicate copies, Carbonless paper contains micro-encapsulated ink on the back of the top sheet, with a clay coating on the front side of the bottom sheet. So when the top sheet is written on, the capsules rupture and react to the clay, forming a permanent duplicate on the second sheet. Clever huh!

Carbonless books are powerful for:

BRANDING - By simply placing your logo on the page, that quote, invoice or receipt starts to market your business to the receiver.

CALL TO ACTION - A physical piece of paper (rather than an emailed document) means physical engagement. Just by holding that sheet of paper, you're compelled to do something with it. The call to action can range from confirming a quote to paying an invoice.

There are plenty of options to create the carbonless book to suit your business operation.

Carbonless Book layout options:




50 entries
100 entries

Single sided top sheet
Double sided top sheet

Mono (black and white)
Full colour (CMYK)

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