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Corflute Signs


In recent years, corflute signs have become a popular addition to a company’s marketing arsenal. But exactly what is corflute?

Corflute is actually a brand name, given to corrugated plastic. Made of a twin wall polypropylene sheet connected by a series of vertical ribs, it is a semi rigid plastic board that has a multitude of uses.

Die cut to shape, corflute is commonly used to make boxes, containers, as well as collapsable bulk bins (dump bins), product display stands and packaging. Used across many industries, this corrugated plastic product is ideal for packing, protecting, separating, moulding and waterproofing.

In the world of print marketing and branding, corflute is the ‘go to’ product for signs, displays and point of sale.

What makes Corflute Signs so popular?

We’ve all seen them – in fact hundreds of them on the verge and school fences come election weekend. Local sporting clubs use them to promote registration days and club sponsors. Business trade expos, events and seminar organisers use these signs to direct, grab attention and help market their products/services. Whether you need just one sign or 100 of them, corflute is a great medium to choose. Why?

  1. They’re cheap! An economical, inexpensive way to get your message across.
  2. Just so quick and easy to print! They are just simply perfect for last minute panic jobs! Printing is a quick process with a very fast drying time. We can have your sign printed up and cut to size in next to no time at all.
  3. They’re Versatile. They can be die cut and trimmed to whatever size/shape you need with hundreds of applications. They can be used inside and out. We use UV treated inks and can laminate over the work so it will last longer.
  4. Lightweight yet strong and durable. Used in framework, or easily mounted onto wooden stakes, screwed, stapled or fixed with eyelets so they can be strung up or pinned down.
  5. Safe. Corflute is used by pharmaceutical companies because it offers hygienic protection, is non toxic and water resistant.

If you would like more information about the benefits of using corrugated board for your business signage, or if you’d like to see some examples of how the product can be used, take a look at our range of corflute signs and posters page.

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