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Heavy Duty Stickers & Labels Perth

High Quality, Industrial, High Tack, Heavy Duty Vinyl Stickers and Labels

Do you need heavy duty labels or stickers that will stick to hard-to-adhere-to surfaces such as powdercoated, painted, plastic, timber or metal? Then you need our high tack stickers. We print onto high quality oudoor PVC vinyl, using quality UV inks and then finished with a gloss laminate to help them cope with our harsh Aussie conditions.

Ideal for:

Building/Construction  |  Manufacturing

Marine  | Vehicles  |  Trucks

Mining  |  Oil & Gas

Schools  |  Hospitals  |  Aged Care

Outdoor Waterproof High Tack Stickers & Labels

When you need to brand or identify your equipment or machinery, we suggest using our waterproof, high tack labels. Ideal for long term outdoor exposure, we use UV treated inks, printed onto 5 year vinyl material.  Apply to switchboards, panels, boxes, cages, containers, cabinets, doors, alarms, gates, vehicles, trailers etc.

Vehicle Decals and Contravision Window Decals

Every time your vehicle heads out on the road, it has the potential to promote your business. From a simple decal on the side of the door to a rear window Contravision decal, there are many options to help you brand and promote your business 'on the go'!

Warranty and Service Stickers

Many businesses service equipment; air-conditionings, garage doors, cars, electrical, pest control, swimming pools, fish tanks, IT services - leave behind your branded sticker on the equipment as a reminder for the next service visit. Double sided and single sided. Permanent or removable.

Manufacturing and Packaging Labels

For those businesses who manufacture or make their own products, we can help you slash your packaging costs by offering custom branded vinyl, paper or PVC stickers. These can be used on plain packaging as an economical solution to your branding.  From electrical switchboards to gift boxes, we've got the solution for you.

Warnings, Directions and Tagging

Companies use labels and stickers for their own internal uses such as signs, warnings, instructions, directions and tagging. We can take care of all of those needs too.

Trade Day Giveaways and Promo Gifts

Given away as promotional tools & gifts, stickers are a mobile, clever piece of marketing stickiness. These are truly a cost effective marketing option, printed onto either paper or plastic material for short term use.

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