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Marketing with QR Codes

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It’s fair to say, ‘QR Codes’ or ‘Quick Response Codes’ are still fairly new to the Australian public en mass, leaving many a blank expressions on some people’s faces at its very mentioning. Yet, these square shaped codes, that could best described as a cross between a barcode with one of those optical illusion puzzles, is actually old technology, having been first developed in Japan back in 1994 by DENSO WAVE, a subsidary of Toyota!

So What Are They?

QR Codes are 2 dimensional, matrix type codes, used to embed a variety of content. They can hold in excess of 200 times the data of a regular barcode. And unlike conventional barcodes, QR Codes can be scanned at any angle, capable of 360 degrees, high speed reading. They can also work with letters including Chinese characters, symbols & control codes.

There are many problems with using conventional barcodes which QR Codes have overcome, including dirt & damage resistance, ability to be read when place on a curved or warped surface. It is also free to use, there is no licence required to use QR Codes.

How Do You Use Them?

All you need is a mobile phone with a camera and a QR Code Reader App (which can be downloaded for free from your phone’s App Store) Scan the code and the software deciphers the encryted information to initiate a response. This can be anything from directing the user to a website to documenting an event.

The possibilities for QR Codes are endless:

  • Download an MP3
  • Dial a number
  • Campaign & Logistic Tracking
  • File Access (including websites – URLs)
  • Payment systems
  • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)
  • Geographic locations
  • Advertising, Marketing, Branding
  • Offline publications – magazines, business cards, shirts, newspapers, signs, stickers

Now the Australian phone market is flooded with ‘smart phones’, enabling more than 75% of the Australian population to scan these QR Codes, opening up a whole new world of marketing opportunities for Australian businesses. The possibilites are endless.

The most exciting part about all this for us is, as designers, QR Codes can also be visually customised to suit your marketing and branding efforts.  That means we can match your corporate colours, themes, even superimpose your logo over the code. Yes, we can really go to town to make truly make your QR Code exactly that…your own.

Contact us today and we’ll show you how you can benefit from using QR Codes in your business.

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