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What Makes Us Different?

We Listen – We’re in the business of solving problems and the only way we can assist our  clients effectively is to listen and learn. We learn about your business, your ideas, concerns and challenges, in order to work with you to help you achieve your desired outcomes. 

We Research – We use various methods to research for a project. Using focus groups, social media, books & the internet, we are able to research a client, a product, the competition or a target market. 

We Use Industry Standard Software – We prefer to use the Adobe Creative Suite, a package of integrated industry-leading design & development tools used by commercial printers, signwriters, photographers, illustrators, web designers. This ensures the transferring or sharing of files with our suppliers is smooth and maintains the quality with which the project was created.

We Have A Great Network of Creative Resources – We have our preferred photographers, printers & signwriters but we are constantly building and growing good working relationships with other graphic professionals, locally, nationally and overseas.

We Share – Some of our clients may have their own preferred printer, signwriter etc, we respect that and are only too happy to work alongside other Creatives. 

We Understand The  Printer’s Jargon – CYMK vs RGB, bleed marks, trim marks, layers, separations, embedded or outlined fonts?  Your artwork will be suppled to the printer ‘print ready’. 

We Are Constantly Learning And Growing – We are always looking at new trends, new technologies, learning new techniques, upgrading software and meeting new people. It’s vital in our industry, to always be up to date in all areas of graphic design & marketing.

We Have Experience – Our background is Small Business Management & Retail, with 20 years experience in sales & marketing, visual merchandising & management. We look at your business from the point of view of a business owner as well as a Graphic Designer. 

We Are Print Brokers – We work with printers who are not available to the general public so as an industry professional, we are able to access wholesale pricing on printing. We have three favourite printers – each have been selected for their area of expertise but all are chosen for their quality control, professionalism & reliability.

We Love What We Do – There’s not much more you can say to that!

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