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Seastarz Swim School Logo Repair

logo repair swim school joondalup perth

We repaired this logo for Louise at Seastarz Swim School.

Lousie couldn’t use her logo on any of her marketing because the only format she had was a low res image that was grainly, pixelated and had an unsightly white box stuck behind it. So we ‘repaired’ it for her.

Firstly, we removed that annoying white background.

Next we tidied up the artwork, removing excessive shadows and glow effects, leaving behind a cleaner, crisper logo, ideal for larger projects such as signs and windows.

Louise can now have her new ‘repaired’ logo embroidered on shirts, caps and promotional gear.

If you only have a jpg/raster version of your logo, it can become almost impossible to use it effectively across all touch points of your business marketing and branding.

But don’t despair, we can help! – you need a logo repair.
Just email your logo to us and we’ll help make marketing your brand so much easier and less stressful with a Logo Repair.

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