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Online Events Webinars & Virtual Expos

online event music show webinar facetime graphic design

Online events are HUGE right now. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to rethink how they plan and execute their events and meetings.

Physical, face to face engagements, gigs, events, expos and seminars just aren’t possible right now. Make way for Webinars, Webcasts, Podcasts, Livestreaming, Broadcasts, Digital Seminars, Facebook Live and even FaceTime.

Event marketing and trade-show/expos displays are not a new thing. But sadly many businesses who take their events online, miss a huge opportunity to brand and market themselves. You may have the best content, a great speaker and booking site for the broadcast, but a lack of well designed and placed branding can make you look amateurish.

We’re here to help.

We’ll enhance your online environment with visually appealing and engaging branding. From pull up banners and media walls to table runners, we help you deliver a unique, customised experience that helps give your event a consistent, professional image.

Just like a physical event, your online events need to make the most of your branding space. We work with you to maximise your online presence and achieve your objectives.

Printed Marketing for your Online Event.

online event expo trade show business graphic design perthonline event marketing expo trade show webinar graphic designonline event expo trade show webinar facetime graphic design

For ideas on how to host an online event your attendees will love, check out this link.

Tools to Promote Your Online Event

  • Email campaign emailed to your database
  • Website landing page to register
  • Social networks – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
  • Press release – contact your local newspapers (online and/or offline)
  • Local Chamber of Commerce or Business Association
  • Eventbrite/Zoom
  • Google Adwords
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