The Secret to a Great Logo

By Kristy Fenn
Secret to a great logo ladybird design
Your logo is often the first thing a potential customer sees when they are introduced to your business. It is… Read on

3 Marketing Design Mistakes Costing You Business!

By Kristy Fenn
3 Marketing Design Mistakes Costing You Business
Are you guilty of these three marketing design mistakes? A successful marketing piece, whether print or digital, is a combination of… Read on

Seastarz Swim School Logo Repair

By Kristy Fenn
logo repair swim school joondalup perth
We repaired this logo for Louise at Seastarz Swim School. Lousie couldn’t use her logo on any of her marketing because the… Read on

Christmas Marketing: Rudolph, The Small Business Success Story

By Kristy Fenn
Christmas marketing has its many benefits for small businesses, especially retailers and rebranded companies. Christmas Marketing Success –  How One Small… Read on

Business Stationery: More than Letterheads and Envelopes

By Kristy Fenn
Business stationery printing letterhead envelope security alarms Joondalup perth
Invest in quality business stationery and your clients will notice. It allows you to continue your brand throughout your company at… Read on

What Makes Us Different?

By Kristy Fenn
We Listen – We’re in the business of solving problems and the only way we can assist our  clients effectively… Read on

Marketing with QR Codes

By Kristy Fenn
Download the QR Reader app for iphone Download the QR Reader app for Android It’s fair to say, ‘QR Codes’… Read on

A Call To Action!

By Kristy Fenn
Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute – Von R. Glitschka  A brochure is often the most… Read on